Cristopher Moen Accepts MAJR Medal

Cris Moen with SSRC Chair
May 10, 2017 · News
Zoë Macintosh

NBM Technologies CEO Dr. Cristopher Moen accepted the 2016 McGuire Award for Junior Young Researchers (MAJR Medal) on March 24 from the Structural Stability Research Council. The Structural Stability Research Council promotes and supports structural stability research around the world. It created the McGuire Award in honor of its late longtime member Dr. William McGuire, a steel structural research engineer who wrote renowned textbooks and mentored many in the profession.

Moen was bestowed the award in recognition of his early career achievements that have advanced analysis and design of thin-walled structures and steel building systems. The award ceremony took place in San Antonio, Texas during the 2017 Annual Stability Meeting at the North American Steel Construction Conference, which draws together steel industry insiders, veterans, and academics to value the role of research in construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

Cris Moen with SSRC Chair

Structural Stability Research Council Chair Todd Helwig (l.) stands with Cris Moen at the 2017 Annual Stability Conference. Credit: Structural Stability Research Council.